Breakwater, Monterey, CA

Breakwater - Preparing for Hawaii

We just got our gear serviced and wanted to dive once to check it out before our trip to Hawaii later this summer. We got the chance over the 4th of July weekend, when we all went camping.

Camping isn't something we (the Thompsons) tend to do a lot, but we do enjoy it when we go. This was no exception, it was a blast. We did all kinds of things, from sit around to hit the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. But I digress...

We went over to the Breakwater in Monterey, and got air from the dive shop that's right there. I'd mention them by name, but I don't remember it. :-) Anyway, Rebecca got an 80 cf tank and I got a 95, cuz I go through air faster. We lugged them over to the beach in my nifty new "Big Yellow Cart" (TM)(C)(R). Which was great except there wasn't a ramp to the beach, so we still had to haul stuff down the stairs.

Rebecca got suited up, then mentioned that she'd have to give me a 20 minute head start next time as she sat and waited for me to get suited up. I think I started late, not that I'm THAT much slower. :-) Anyway, she got her tank on and headed for the water, as I tried to get mine on and stand up. Remember it was a 95 cf tank? That extra 15 cf weighs about 400 lbs.

I carried my tank/bc setup to the beach and plopped it in the water, intending to actually put it on there. Which I did. Cuz it was too dang heavy to put on on the shore. :-) Then we turned and headed out, and neither of us would sink. Once I got down a few feet I could stay there, but Rebecca couldn't get that far. So we went back and my wife brought Rebecca some more weight. That did it, and down we went.

Short dive, before adding weights

Millions (or dozens, anyway) of star fish, and some small flat fish that hid in the sand. And some things that were curled up, looking kind of like cooling towers, but spiraling in, not cylindrical. We weren't sure what they were. And some largish silver fish with a black stripe. Probably everyone else in that part of the state knows what they are, but I called them "silver fish with a black stripe."

I think these are the fish:

Sanddab Rubberlip Surfperch

Rebecca was having ear problems, so we turned around at 18 feet and headed back. On the way, I found a small, round something, I wasn't sure if it was a creature, shell, or rock. I left it alone, in case it was a creature. But a few inches away was something that looked like some sort of doubloon, or piece of eight. Close - it was a quarter. So now I'm a salvage diver, and have recovered enough to just about pay for the air I used to pick it up.

We got in a 23 minute dive, and I got lots of positive comments on my "Big Yellow Cart". I think they were positive. I didn't hear any open snickering.

Real dive, properly weighted

The picture of Breakwater is from Google Earth
The fish pictures are from The Medridium Fields
The pictures of divers in the water are from Pam.

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