Shark's Cove, Oahu, HI

Second Hawaii Dive

The second dive, a couple of days later, was going to be at Waimea Bay, on the north shore of Oahu. However, when we got there (and got the gear unloaded), the lifeguards told us it wasn't much for diving. There was one place with fish, but most of it was just sand. So we packed up again and went up the coast a ways to Shark's Cove, named for the shape of the rocks, not because it's a shark hangout.

We managed to get a pretty good parking place and suited up. We had to walk down a good hill, not too bad but steep, and around some rocks to get to the entry point. After that it got much better. We headed out towards the opening of the cove, but got turned at some point and just hit the other side. Rebecca's husband Mike was snorkeling over us and coming down to take pictures. We reoriented ourselves and headed out.

There was a good sand channel to follow for a ways, and lots of corals and fish. The water was as clear as it could be. And warm. We didn't need the wet suits, really, and next time I go to Hawaii I'm going to spring for a rash guard and not bother with the wet suit. It was just a 3/2, not my normal 7mm, but it was still not really needed.

We came out about 32 minutes later and surface swam in the few yards back to shore. My son met us, and wanted to go out snorkeling on the other side of the cove, which was pretty shallow and still had lots of fish. We got the gear packed up and I did go out with him for a while. All in all it was a great dive, and a great site.

The picture of Shark's Cove is from Google Earth, apparently taken on a pretty cloudy day

The next dive in the Hawaii series: Hanauma Bay

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