Chase's fourth Seal Team lesson

We got Chase's card paperwork taken care of with relatively little hassle, and they got right into the classroom. Shot through the pre-class work and got into the pool. This week they were doing more bouyence work and finding a lost regulator.

And again I couldn't see most of it, but Chase looked like he was having fun. He started with a fin pivot, which is where you lay on the bottom and move your body up and down (hinging on your fins) with just your breath. It's a great bouyancy exercise. Then they did a hover, which is basically staying in one spot without moving.

Then the instructor set up some hula hoops and Chase had to swim through them using just his breathing for bouyancy. That sounds like fun to me, too. It took him a couple of trys to get going with it, but by the end he had it. That's what he told me, anyway, I never did see the hoops until they were putting them up.

One more lesson in Seal Team, then he can sign up for the Master Seal Team lessons, which are more "underwater adventures" like the hula hoops, I believe.

Last class is next week!

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