Chase's second Seal Team lesson

Well, we didn't have the traffic problems we did last week and got there about 40 minutes early this time. :-) Which was fine. We wandered around the shop downstairs for a while and eventually went up to the class room.

Both kids had done their homework, so there wasn't a lot of time spent up there. I left a little early to go change, because I had my trusty underwater camera (cheapo thing bought in Catalina) and was going to take pictures during the lesson. I got out of the dressing room about as they came down.

I got suited up and got in the water only to discover the camera wouldn't forward. I got out and messed with it enough to figure out it wasn't pressing the winder up against the waterproof case's winder hard enough, so stuffed a dollar bill in so it would sit right, and got back in the water. The kids were doing things like recovering lost regulators and clearing their masks, and I swam around taking pictures. Or so I thought.

They even went into the deep end, and other than Chase losing his tank at one point, everything went pretty well. Both of them seem to be doing great! They were in the water for about an hour, and we all got out. The instructor said Chase is doing great. Cool!

So I got the pictures done the next day, and got back a blank roll of film. Sigh. The flash wasn't working, and it looks like the shutter wasn't either. OH, well, it was a cheap camera. In more ways than one, apparently. So I'll mess with the camera during the week and try it again next time.

At least the kids are having fun!

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